Monday, 31 October 2011


This is my first fully edited short film showing highlights of my trip to Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro over the half term week.
While was in the former Yugoslavia I was exposed to a variety of enviroments both natural and man-made but unfortunately the confines of my camera meant that my video footage is made up of short clips at a max length of 10 seconds.
I think this suited me because my video was intended to be no longer than two and a half minutes and that was a short amount of time to show case an entire holiday; in the end there were no intsresting features of the audio so I opted to remove the audio and replace it with a soundtrack of my choice.

If I could have increased the length of this video I would have used a larger amount of my initial footage and would have also used more adventurous film editing techniques rather than the standard shortening or lengthening clips such as the cable car clip in this video.
Because this was my first time using imovie editing software I had a habit of spending large periods of time simply finding out how to use the software; I gained experience in learning the complexity of specific tools and I came to the conclusion that sound was the easiest aspect of the video to change.

Though this video task was more centered on film editing, I do want to incorporate light and sound more equally in future edited pieces.

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