Friday, 22 June 2012

Short Film concept (June 2012)

Straight from when the specification for this project was given i already had a vague idea of what kind of film i wanted to make, i learnt a number of important lessons about the film-making process through the mistakes i made last year, and overall i would say i have taken a very conservative approach to this task in comparison with that of a past project when i had a huge lack of experience. i have not yet gone into specifics in regards to dialogue or other detailed aspects of the film as those have to be deliberated with my project partner, however i do know what genre and story arch i want the film to follow. In this film we essentialy follow the daily and strange routine of a teenager who suffers from OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), a disease which manifests itself in a number of unusual and shocking ways. My goal is to show some sort of insight into the life of an individual with a real condition that can not only evoke sympathy and fear from the viewer, but also be truly absorbing. Through my research of this topic I have come up with many possible sequences to take place in this film - the majority of which will be in story-board format initially.

Inspection - Short Film Evaluation

'Inspection' is one of literally dozens of short films I have viewed over the past week, however this is the first one that I decided to evaluate as it includes many of the elements I wish to incorporate in my own Short film.
Firstly the film containes a wide variety of both shot and camera techniques - with little use of film or sound editing involved; these directorial choices immediately interested me as I also had the desire to create a Film  that was minimalist but at the same time with a very defined and solid concept.

The film also runs with next to no dialogue in the lead up to a dramatic and quirky conclusion that uses both elements of shock and humour to great effect.
Some complaints I have about the film include the use of a vast location that I may struggle to acquire for my own project  as well as an overall very high quality camera that I may also have trouble providing.

This film also includes no running soundtrack - musical or otherwise after the title has appeared, this is a very effective decision in this case as there is no straying from the action as well as making the climax even more unexpected.
Overall this is a very proficient short film that I will likely take much inspiration from in order to enhance or improve my own in the future.

A2 Media Course - 2012/13

In this preliminary term of next years A2 courses, we have started media studies by being asigned the task of creating a short film in any genre/medium etc. with the minimal requirement that it be less than 2 minutes. This task resembles many projects we have been given in the previous AS media course as well as providing a basic guideline on what media projects we will be given in the coming year - if We have aspirations of continuing this course after september. In a slight alteration to last years work, we have been put into random pairs for the duration of this task however I've been placed with James Turner - a student who I already have media project experience with from last year. For this task I will research 'short film' with a priority towards English-speaking, live action films that are between 3 and 8 minutes in duration; the film production will also include story-boarding and a full evaluation of the film concept and other aspects of development.