Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Bell Tower Scene - Vertigo Movie (1958) - HD

As we are planning for our film opening to constitute a thriller, I have been analysing some of the most memorable films of the genre to date.
'Vertigo' is a prime example of a thriller as it primarily questions physical and mental conceptions; also as this film can almost be blamed for defining the modern-day genre itself it holds to a large number of the basic conventions attributed to the style.

I have taken these conventions from a resource in the cherwell shared area, Some of these conventions are as follows:

A crime at the core of the narrative (often murder, but not necessarily).
A complex narrative structure, with false paths, clues and resolutions.
A narrative pattern of establishing enigmas which the viewer expects to be resolved.
A protagonist who is systematically dis-empowered and drawn into a complex web of intrigue by the antagonist.
Extraordinary events happening in ordinary situations.
Themes of identity.
Themes of mirroring.
Themes of voyeurism.
Protagonist with a ‘flaw’ which is exploited by the antagonist.
Titles often reflect an aspect of the pro/antagonist’s psychological state.
There is often a scene near the end of the film in which the protagonist is in peril.
Mise en scene which echoes/ mirrors the protagonist’s plight.

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