Friday, 22 June 2012

Inspection - Short Film Evaluation

'Inspection' is one of literally dozens of short films I have viewed over the past week, however this is the first one that I decided to evaluate as it includes many of the elements I wish to incorporate in my own Short film.
Firstly the film containes a wide variety of both shot and camera techniques - with little use of film or sound editing involved; these directorial choices immediately interested me as I also had the desire to create a Film  that was minimalist but at the same time with a very defined and solid concept.

The film also runs with next to no dialogue in the lead up to a dramatic and quirky conclusion that uses both elements of shock and humour to great effect.
Some complaints I have about the film include the use of a vast location that I may struggle to acquire for my own project  as well as an overall very high quality camera that I may also have trouble providing.

This film also includes no running soundtrack - musical or otherwise after the title has appeared, this is a very effective decision in this case as there is no straying from the action as well as making the climax even more unexpected.
Overall this is a very proficient short film that I will likely take much inspiration from in order to enhance or improve my own in the future.

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