Wednesday, 7 December 2011

'Full time' Narrative

The conventional '3 Act Structure' that is used in film construction, has been specially adapted to fit our own film opening; it is difficult to use this structure in our film opening as we do not have a conventional climax.
However we structured our film opening sequentially and clear changes of pace are made between transitions of environment.

Our proposed film embodies multiple genres as we have chosen a blend of thriller/action with a hint of sport-related mystery in the narrative.
The thriller/action genre is one chosen by many groups for a number of reasons; first of all many groups find it to be an easy genre to film as it tends to focus more on the directorial and editing aspects of film production, for example: camera shots, angles, lighting, sound, video editing etc.
Resulting in less emphasis needing to be made on plot and story which is in my opinion the most time consuming aspect of the film making process.

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